I love kimonos.

keep that shit classy

Seeing Hachiko again in Tokyo!

We definitely walked all the way down into the forest just to look at this rock. It’s called the “mirror rock” because the front surface is flat… that’s it. And then we climbed up the crazy steep path to get back up… to look at more rocks. Why japan.

A shrine at the Kibitsu Shrine where you literally pray for boobies. (stuff like breast feeding and illnesses)

Hatsumoude is crazy.

(the first visit to the shrine in the new year)


Margaret i dnt think they’re open on sundays

Half way up Kompira-San for hatsumoude with Satomi and her family. <3 

The very top of the Kompira-San Shrine in Shikoku

Kibitsu Shrine in Okayama

Kobe’s China Town

Kobe’s China Town

My $150 course meal of kobe beef.